A little history...

Back in 1991, we started in a little shop in the centre of Moseley Village (now Sainsbury’s!) in Birmingham (UK).

We stocked mainly Indonesian wooden products - masks, flowers, mobiles, cats, ducks, owls - the whole menagerie!

We soon grew, moved to larger premises and stocked a whole range of incense products, candles, essential oils, fragrance oils and gifts.

FAST forward...

Today we no longer run the retail shop, but for the last 8 years we've been trading here at craftyjungle.co.uk, so you can buy everything we had in the shop, and more, online instead!

We take special pride in offering our customers the finest quality gifts for the home. Browse our beautiful selection of unique incense fragrances, incense holders, scented candles and aromatherapy oils to name but a few.

Also, don't hesitate to get in touch if there's something you want to ask. You can also see our customer care section for further information.

Go ahead and shop with confidence... We offer you complete satisfaction or your money back.


John Butcher & Carol Fulwood
The Crafty Jungle

PS: We're always open to our customers' comments or requests and we'd love to hear from you! Simply contact us at info@craftyjungle.co.uk or call today on 0121 486 3773.